Hustle isn’t always a bad thing. Hard work, grit and perseverance serve it’s time and place in it’s season….but the perpetual state of lack of clarity, purpose, and never ending feeling of burn out and “I was made for more”??

That “hustle” isn’t cool girl. Life doesn’t have to be so friggin’ hard.

Perhaps it's being a redhead or immigrating to the US with my family when I was 7 years old, but from the beginning, I felt set apart and unique. Big ambitions and a fearless spirit have always been at the core of my being, but somewhere along the way other people's opinions smothered my magic and I lost my truest self (and sense of purpose).

It wasn't until a psychology degree and years of climbing the corporate ladder making money moves happen for everyone else- that I finally gave merit to my own gifts and took success into my own hands.

And now you can too. I launched my premier mindset coaching biz, Ginger Root, to help audacious boss babes like you align your gifts with your purpose and smash through the limiting beliefs that hold you back from being the fierce woman you were called to be.

Here's the gig...

I’m here to help you find freedom from the hustle and flow in His grace.

Before all that biz shiz can even work, I uncover 3 personal essentials to help your mind and spirit align with your ambitions:

We uncover these foundational elements and connect it to your purpose so magic can start happening.

Because when you’re aligned:
That’s when you recognize the root of your stress…
Thats when you can create organization and bonundaries…
That’s when you can finally set clear goal strategies…

And that’s when you have so much clarity about your purpose and ambition, you refuse to settle for anything less.


Why I'm different

Set apart





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Mindset coaching rewires your thought patterns so you can be the best version of yourself and unlock your fullest potential. Coaching multi-million dollar women to success and running my own successful business definitely helps me stand out in a crowd, but it’s my signature process that sets me apart more than anything. 

(That and my bomb gift of discernment plus mad skills for speaking truth and breathing life into people….)

Are you ready to finally belief in yourself? Are you ready to root in your faith and rise in your opportunity?

Take the quiz!

1. find out if my business is alignment with my purpose

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2. see how i can work with you

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3. need some inspo?

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We have a consultation before the session that allows us to get to know each other better. That way we can ease any nerves and get a better idea of your style.

question 07 : I'm nervous about my session. what do you suggest?

We are so glad you asked! We would LOVE for you to become one of our class representatives! Contact us for more information about the questionnaire. 

question 06 : how can i become a class representative?

Of course you can bring your friends! We actually offer group sessions that you and all your buds can do together if you're interested in that feel free to contact us about it!

question 05 : can i bring my friends with me to my session?

"I more than doubled my income, but even better than that, I quadrupled in my own personal belief which I just don't believe you can put a value on."

Kelly dickerhoof

"Hiring Corina is one of the best biz decisions we've ever made.We've overcome our insecurities and got the support we needed to push our business to the next level." 

Amanda & Liz

Because of Corina we added more admin staff and were able to truly focus on revenue producing activities that impacted our bottom line!

dianna gipe