Looking for a motivational speaker for your next event? I’d be honored! Here are some of my signature talks:
1) Owning your story
2) Aligned is the new black: living in alignment with your purpose
3)Smashing insecurities and pursuing tenacious success

Empowering, kick ass talks for audacious women.




Because of Corina we added more admin staff and were able to truly focus on revenue producing activities that impacted our bottom line!

dianna gipe


"I more than doubled my income, but even better than that, I quadrupled in my own personal belief which I just don't believe you can put a value on."

Kelly dickerhoof


"Hiring Corina is one of the best biz decisions we've ever made.We've overcome our insecurities and got the support we needed to push our business to the next level." 

Amanda & Liz



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