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I decided to take a risk on myself and pursue my entrepreneurial dream of running a premier coaching business and creating massive impact...and now I get to empower women from all around the globe with the same mindset coaching and gift aligning processes to help them pursue a business and life they love.

One that allows them to:

- choose the gifts they want to use daily
- take vacation whenever they please
- and be the whole woman they were intended to be.

starts within.


the red-headed mother hustler & mindset coach


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Hi, I'm Corina, a chic on a mission to empower ambitious female entrepreneurs with the mindset coaching they need to create unstoppable business success. Aligning my spiritual gifts with my God-given purpose is my jam and teaching goal-getter women how they can do the same to get the killer results they desire is what lights me up most.

I spent spent years in operations management and coaching helping multi-million dollar professionals organize their business, smash through their limiting mindsets, and scale their personal and professional growth. I saw network marketing chics taking control of their own success and dictating income on their own terms and I just knew deep down I had something even bigger to give to the universe. 

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We have a consultation before the session that allows us to get to know each other better. That way we can ease any nerves and get a better idea of your style.

question 07 : I'm nervous about my session. what do you suggest?

We are so glad you asked! We would LOVE for you to become one of our class representatives! Contact us for more information about the questionnaire. 

question 06 : how can i become a class representative?

Of course you can bring your friends! We actually offer group sessions that you and all your buds can do together if you're interested in that feel free to contact us about it!

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